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Criminal Defense

Northern Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer Protects Clients’ Rights

Former prosecutor represents individuals in Arlington and Fairfax counties

When you have been accused of a crime, you need an attorney who has experience handling a wide variety of cases. My Arlington firm, David Deane Attorney at Law, PLLC, gives Northern Virginia clients an advantage in this regard because I’ve tried various felony and misdemeanor cases as both a defense lawyer and a prosecutor. Using that experience, I have helped accused individuals throughout the area secure acquittals, dismissals and reductions in charges. This record has led to accolades from clients, peers and local publications, including recognition for several years as a top criminal defense in both Washingtonian Magazine and Northern Virginia Magazine. Whether you believe the case against you is strong or completely baseless, don’t take matters into your own hands. I have the background and determination to maximize your chance for a favorable resolution.

Firm provides strong counsel in felony and misdemeanor matters

With more than 20 years of experience litigating criminal matters on both sides, I’ll give you detailed advice on any state or federal charge, including allegations relating to:

  • Burglary and theft crimes — From misdemeanor petit larceny charges to serious felony robbery allegations involving threatened or actual violence, my firm identifies every reasonable defense and fights against improper charging in theft cases. I also develop a strategy to defeat burglary charges when someone is accused of breaking and entering in order to commit a felony.
  • Assaults and malicious woundings — If you’ve been cited for assault and battery, malicious or unlawful wounding or another crime associated with a physical altercation, I’ll confront the evidence brought against you and establish whether your conduct was justified by self-defense.
  • Destruction of property and disorderly conduct — When someone is accused of criminal property destruction, public drunkenness or disorderly conduct, it’s more than an embarrassment. A conviction can mar your record permanently. Often, arrests in these cases are based on incomplete information. I am able to find the facts and present a compelling argument on my clients’ behalf.

My firm offers a free initial consultation, flexible payment options, and flexible hours so you can access the qualified legal assistance that you deserve.

Dedicated litigator represents clients accused of drug offenses

Charges related to drug offenses can be brought in state or federal court and carry a wide range of punishments depending on the substance and activity involved. Even if only a small amount is found, possession of heroin, cocaine or other drugs can bring a felony charge with a one-year minimum jail or prison sentence. When possible, I look to find alternatives to incarceration that are available under Virginia law, including treatment, community service and drug testing. In any case where the distribution, manufacture or possession of drugs is alleged, my firm investigates to determine if overzealous police action or faulty evidence is tainting the case against you.

Skillful advocate seeks appropriate resolutions in juvenile law matters

The juvenile justice system has objectives, procedures and sanctions that are geared toward rehabilitating young offenders. Though many people believe that someone found delinquent before the age of 18 will not have a charge listed on an adult record, that is not always the case. My firm works closely with youths who are accused of delinquency and their families to promote resolutions that serve the child’s best interests while acknowledging any misconduct that occurred. In many cases, community sanctions are much more effective than detention, so we advocate for these measures when appropriate.

Contact an accomplished Virginia criminal defense lawyer for a free consultation

If you find yourself facing criminal charges, it’s important to have an attorney on your side who will fight to protect your interests. David Deane Attorney at Law, PLLC represents Northern Virginia residents in all types of criminal defense matters. Please call 703-879-4204 or contact me online to arrange a free initial consultation at my Arlington office.

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