DWI & Traffic Offenses

185436813DWI cases are serious and complicated.  The possible penalties range from fines, loss of license and jail time.  It is very important to have an Attorney that is familiar with the details of this area of the law.  There are approximately six statutes in the Virginia Code related to Homicide, by contrast there are over twenty statutes that relate to DWI.  DWI cases contain a large number of legal elements, a large number of factual elements and a very large amount of scientific elements.  Don’t trust your driving privileges and your liberty to an Attorney that is not familiar with fighting on all of those fronts.

Reckless driving and other traffic offenses.  There are numerous traffic cases that can also impact your ability to drive and even your freedom just like a DWI case.  Reckless driving cases in Northern Virginia are handled very aggressively by state prosecutors.  A lot of these cases can result in a suspension of your driving privileges and even jail time.  David has been practicing criminal and traffic law in Northern Virginia for since 1997, with several of those years being a prosecutor in Fairfax County.  Other traffic cases that David is experienced to handle include driving on a suspended license, hit and run, accident cases, aggressive driving, speeding, and other minor offenses.  David is very familiar with how each Northern Virginia jurisdiction handles these different types of cases and he will fight tirelessly to get you the best result possible.

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